Clark’s turn

Clark’s turn

Lest people believe that I think Howard Dean is the only flake in the Democrat cereal bowl, I want to point out some of Wesley Clark’s flashes of “brilliance.” As noticed by Diogenes, we find out what the Dean campaign—and let’s face it, the whole Dem party since Bill Clinton—thinks of women voters, with this bit of strategy: “Gen. Wesley K. Clark has replaced his suit with an argyle sweater in an attempt to increase his support among women.” Yup, that’s the most important issue to women: fashion.

But of course, we know that’s not the only important issue for women. So Clark this week said he supports every possible abortion up to the moment of birth, by which he means he also supports partial-birth abortions.

Of course, Clark, like Dean, is prone to sticking his foot in his mouth, too. Last night, I heard on a radio program a quote from Clark where said that if he had been presient, 9/11 definitely would not have happened and guaranteed that a major terrorist attack on the scale of 9/11would never happen during his administration. He guaranteed it! How can someone guarantee that? How foolish is that kind of statement. How imprudent .

And they say Bush is a lightweight. He’s a genius compared to the 9 Democrat dwarves.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli