Christ, Si. Wicca, No.

Christ, Si. Wicca, No.

Well, this is bound to ruffle some feathers in the city of Salem, Mass. I was just interviewed for an article that will be in a local paper on Sunday about fringe religions like Wicca, and I laid it down. The reporter asked me whether I thought these fringe groups will ever gain mainstream acceptance, and I said, speaking only for myself, that they won’t because you have to ask yourself whether something is true or not. It’s not just a matter of “that’s what you want and that’s fine,” but rather my faith tells me that witchcraft is not fine and I can’t accept it. I won’t persecute people for their religion, but don’t ask me to “tolerate” it either. I also mentioned that Wicca and modern witchcraft has its roots in the Devil worship of Alistair Crowley and so on.

I expect to have a dead cat nailed to my door after the newspaper comes out on Sunday. Oh well, “I tells them like I sees them.”

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  • Better watch out for Laurie Cabot, Dom o’ Mine…if she’s still around? I used to work at an ad agency in Salem, and it seemed like practically every day I’d run into her…she scared the dickens out o’ me!

    If I remember correctly, she ran a wacky store or something. Brrr wink