The UN’s abortion drive

The UN’s abortion drive

Having edited stories about the United Nations for the past seven years, I can confirm this Weekly Standard article, which says that the primary goal of most nongovernmental agencies at the UN is abortion on demand everywhere.

For those who don’t know, there are essentially to UNs. There is the political UN, typified by the work of the Security Council, and then there is bureaucratic UN. This includes the Population Fund, UNICEF, UNESCO, and other agences, along with their nongovernmental allies and lobbyists, who enforce all the treaties and agreements they devise. And the guiding principle hidden in almost every single document is that every pregnancy possible should end in abortion. Sound radical? It is and it’s true.

After all, why else would UNESCO, an educational and cultural group, be pushing abortion on countries where it is illegal? Why else would an organization that’s supposed to have the needs of children at its heartthat the overwhelming problem is on the other side of the fence. But then to say so would violate the panel’s liberal ideology.