Kerry and Edwards should know: Political theater has its rules

Kerry and Edwards should know: Political theater has its rules

There is a sort of willing suspension of disbelief to political campaigning that everyone7;t do was put up with the discomfort—social and otherwise—of bringing two others along for the ride. They’re gone. They’re history. They’re . . . dead.

One thing about the woman’s story that I didn’t mention the first time I blogged it was that at the end she says that if she ever became pregnant again, she would do the same thing to triplets, but would probably have twins. Wait a minute. She says she doesn’t want to have triplets because it will inconvenience her: she’ll have to give up her hip Greenwich Village lifestyle, move among the hoi polloi of Staten Island, and be forced to shop at Costco. All because she’d have three children. But then she says she’d have twins, thus giving her three children.

We can’t expect these people to be logical. They kill their children after all! But it is chilling to read it so casually discussed in the pages of the nation’s most prominent newspaper (or at least it’s magazine).

  • I guess Angela Yates should be home by now. Just a post-partum proceedure ya know.

    I feel anger and sadness for this ‘woman’. Evidently the kicks and elbows in her belly are lost on her, as are the ultrasounds. I know a few women who had the ‘proceedure’ and not one of them is truly happy. It stays with them every day and they are full of regret and remorse. Keep ‘em in your prayers, though.