Catholic schools participating in gay day

Catholic schools participating in gay day

According to the Mass Resistance blog tomorrow is scheduled in public and private schools across the country as the Day of Silence, a gay day to propagandize children.

High schools and junior high schools across the state and country have scheduled a day-long homosexual propaganda assault on our children for April 13. The event is sponsored by GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network), and poses as a student-initiated and student-run event. Most schools do not announce this event on their calendars, websites, or in notices to parents. (And you may well ask what they are hiding!)

Called the “Day of Silence”, students remain silent all day, wearing GLSEN badges and carrying cards explaining that their silence is an act of solidarity with homosexuals (who are terribly discriminated against). Supporting the homosexual agenda is portrayed as a great civil rights cause, and remaining silent this day as a brave act of civil disobedience.

This is apparently a violation of state law, which requires parental notification of any event that includes a discussion of human sexuality. But the schools are claiming that since the events are “student led/student organized” they don’t have to tell them. I think that it’s a fine line they’re walking.