Catholic schools participating in gay day

Catholic schools participating in gay day

According to the Mass Resistance blog tomorrow is scheduled in public and private schools across the country as the Day of Silence, a gay day to propagandize children.

High schools and junior high schools across the state and country have scheduled a day-long homosexual propaganda assault on our children for April 13. The event is sponsored by GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network), and poses as a student-initiated and student-run event. Most schools do not announce this event on their calendars, websites, or in notices to parents. (And you may well ask what they are hiding!)

Called the “Day of Silence”, students remain silent all day, wearing GLSEN badges and carrying cards explaining that their silence is an act of solidarity with homosexuals (who are terribly discriminated against). Supporting the homosexual agenda is portrayed as a great civil rights cause, and remaining silent this day as a brave act of civil disobedience.

This is apparently a violation of state law, which requires parental notification of any event that includes a discussion of human sexuality. But the schools are claiming that since the events are “student led/student organized” they don’t have to tell them. I think that it’s a fine line they’re walking.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • I still have a hard time understanding HOW are gays discriminated against?

    I walk into a restaurant.  If I’m alone – how do they know I’m gay?  If I’m with a girlfriend, how do they know I’m gay?  If I’m with a boyfriend, how do they know I’m gay?

    How does anyone carrying on daily functions know if someone is gay or not in order to discriminate against them – HOW!

    If I proclaim to everyone I come in contact with that I’m happily gay and you have to accept that, how do you think I’m going to be treated?  I would think badly and not just because I claimed I’m gay.  I would say it’s mostly because I’m a loon declaring my private sexual activity to complete strangers.  Take the reverse.  I’m truly straight.  I now inform everyone that I meet that I’m straight!  Look at me – I like MEN!!  They would think I’m a loonatic also.

    Private lives are private.  True discrimination happens when someone pre-judges you based on how you look (black, asian, native, handicapped) or limited knowlege of you (Catholic, jew, nazi).

    Someone please explain – I don’t get it!  And don’t give me a crap answer that they can’t get married.  Neither can I!

  • It’s not about discrimination (for the very reasons cited by Cathy).  It’s about total acceptance.  No one is supposed to be of the opinion that there is anything wrong with the homosexual lifestyle.

    While the world mourned the passing of JPII, the militant homosexual crowd was rabidly rejoicing in his death.  There is no more hate-filled, intolerant group than this.  For the rest of the world to allow them to tell us how to treat others is a complete joke. 

  • Our teenagers have been so thoroughly brainwashed in public schools that my 16 year-old daughter recently told me that my husband and I have “really screwed up values” because we think God doesn’t approve of homosexuality.  Child #4 is in parochial school.

  • Depending on where you live, you can forget the Catholic & Private Schools also.  My son when to St. John’s Prep, a Xaverian Bros. school which has a Gay Students Assn.

    ThomasCoolberth has it right.  HOMESCHOOL!!  Soucy Kids 3,4,&5 are schooled by Momma.  My 14 yr old had to teach her CCD teacher how to say the Rosary.

  • Hey Cathy, if you scream that your Straight!!!  They will think you’re Gay!!

    Sort of like Mr. Garrison of South Park (a show I used to watch before I grew up).

    …. of course, he turned out to be gay, and had a sex change… but that is another story for another day.

  • The catholic schools have always had a homosexual agenda. It started when the church placed priests that were reported to have been molesting boys into other parrishes without notifying or warning parents. If they purposely placed children in a homosexual atmosphere, than suppling them with propraganda is natural. If parents pulled their children from catholic schools than this couldn’t happen. Wise up people.

  • For the record:
    I contacted the schools office at the Archdiocese of Boston and brought this to their attention. According to the secretary there, the listing of the schools on this day of silence list was done without the permission and knowledge, of the respective school administrations and that of the RCAB.

    The secretary said that students from these schools had the respective Catholic schools listed. The administrations were seeking at the time to have the names removed.