Catholic lesbians in toyland

Catholic lesbians in toyland

This was reported previously on some blogs, but evidently the uproar wasn’t enough to persuade the Archdiocese of New York to do something about it. A Catholic parish is inviting a sex-toy shop run by two lesbians to give a “demonstration” and pitch at the parish.

Catholic Lesbians

Ducky for Toys in Babeland will be the special guest speaker at the next Catholic Lesbians meeting on Friday, July 11th 7-9pm in the West Room. Non-Catholic women are encouraged to attend, too. Newcomers and old-timers are welcome! If you’d like to be on the e-mail list, please contact Stephanie Castillo Samoy at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call Diane Morrison at 212-254-0897.

Just in case you wanted to double-check, this is the web site of Toys in Babeland (WARNING: Explicit material at that site.)

Is this appropriate material for a workshop at a Catholic parish? Is there even any doubt whether anyone is being called to live chastity at that parish? By the way, no surprise, but the parish has a Voice of the Faithful chapter.

Perhaps the Archdiocese of New York needs to hear from faithful Catholics about this.

  • Well, the church is in Greenwich Village….

    My boss lives 3 blocks from that church… Nothing would surprise me… 

    After this, what is next… 

    Howard Stern giving the 8am Homily, followed by Opie and Anthony at 10:30!!

  • The parish also hosts—surprise!—a “Gay and Lesbian Fall Retreat” and—I know you’ll be shocked at this—its own Voice of the Faithful chapter (although for some odd reason they call it “Voices of the Faithful”…trademark issues? One wonders.)

    Another tidbit:

    “Love Makes a Family

    The mission and name of the “Always our Children” group has changed!! Many gay and lesbian parishioners have expressed and interest in expanding the focus of the group in order to include not only families and friends of lesbians and gays, but to be inclusive of gays and lesbians wishing to find support and encouragement in dealing with family issues. Please know that “all are welcome” and Love Makes a Family!! The group meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month, at 1pm, in the West Room. For info call Sheila Creasy (718) 891-3630) or Monica Maher (617-2100 x203).”

    Gee…and the priests seem to be…uh…Jesuits. Sheesh wink

  • If I understand right, any ministry to the public—i.e., to persons who are not Jesuit-affiliated in some way—is a matter for the Archdiocese to govern.

  • By the way, Dom, that event was scheduled for last Friday; let us know if you get any news about it after the fact.