Catholic Dems running scared

Catholic Dems running scared

Catholic Democrats are starting to feel the heat so they’re preparing a “scorecard” to show that they more closely adhere to the legislative priorities set out by the US bishops than Republicans do. Notice the phrasing of that: legislative priorities. Not Catholic teaching. They’re not the same thing. A legislative priority is one person’s idea of how to implement Catholic teaching, but there may be a different idea that embodies Catholic teaching just as much. One can more effective than the other in accomplishing the goal, but it doesn’t mean either is outside the bounds. Meanwhile, some legislative policy positions, like being for abortion, are just plainly violations of Church teaching.

  • No the Republican Party is not as bad as the Democrat Party. The most obvious reason being that prolifers are not automatically excluded from the Republican Party. The Dems refuse to recognize the very small group Democrats for Life, but do recognize the anti-Catholic “Catholics” for a Free Choice.

    For another thing, Republican principles more closely align with Catholic social teaching. That’s my opinion. If you don’t think so, that’s your perogative. I don’t care.

    And if you think a third party is going to work in this country, you’re kidding yourself. Ralph Nader and Ross Perot are excellent examples of why. Thanks to Ross Perot we got eight years of Bill Clinton.

  • Not sure how raping my paycheck to pay for failed government programs is aligned with Christian social policy. In any other country the policies endorsed by the Democrats come from parties who openly call themselves “Socialist.” e.g. Spain.

    The Democrats are socialists, socialists, socialists.