Catholic Dad blogging

Catholic Dad blogging

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Since Danielle was nice enough to link to me as an example of a Catholic Dad blog, I thought that I should expand my daddy blogging repertoire.

In answer to some of her commenters who thought that the daddy blogs were more full of politics and snark, while the mommy blogs focused more on family life and were sweeter and good-natured. I think that depends on your definition of “mommy blog” or “daddy blog”.

There are certainly some Catholic women who are mothers who do lots more blogging on politics, culture, theology, and social issues who have—and I say this as one who has the same tone often enough—a tougher tone. ( Karen Hall and the Anchoress come to mind.) It doesn’t make them better or worse than other mom bloggers. Just different.

Same with Catholic Dads. Some focus more on larger issues of society while others blog mainly about their families or their hobbies. It’s just a matter of taste. It also might have something to do with the differences between men and women as well.