Carpe Dei

Carpe Dei

New blogs come along and I’m happy to announce them if the blogger asks, but once in a while I am truly excited by a new blog and this one qualifies. My friend Patrick Coffin, a good friend and all-around hilarious and insightful guy, has started a new blog at Seize the Dei. You must add him to your daily blog reading. (You may recognize Patrick from his contributions to the comboxes here.)

His bio says it all:

A red state Canadian living in blue state California. Recruited to work in a film and TV production company; now write on the side whilst recruiting biotech and pharmaceutical validation engineers by day. I’m married to a Peruvian queen, and I play king to our two princesses. I’ve a basically conservative worldview, but if my conservatism were to arm-wrestle my Catholicism, the latter would win. Jesus wasn’t a Republican (nor a Democrat).

  • Fantastic news!  Seize the Dei is just what my Archdiocese, and the universal Church, needs.  Even though I am constructed of high-tensile Teflon with titanium-ribbed reinforcements, I found my heart melting with appreciation at this new blog.  As a result, I’m now going to work with DA Steve Cooley, I’m going to stop folding my hands in that oddly stiff way every time I get my picture taken; and I’m going to stop ordaining experts in the vice of effeminacy (rejoice with me as I take leak on a rainbow sash as I type this). 

    And now, finally..I need to…just…(cue the Marty Haugen ditty)…DANCE!

    – Roger Cardinal Mahony.

  • Dom,

    Here is one I stumbled on yesterday.  It is about RCIA and will deal with apologetics as well.  It might be of interest to those involved in this process.

    Mon Dieu, je vais faire toutes mes actions pour l’amour de Vous!