Can’t refuse it to anyone

Can’t refuse it to anyone

In a story about John Kerry’s “parish”, the ultra-liberal Paulist Center, we are treated to this tidbit from the spokesman for the Archdiocese of Boston:

The Archdiocese of Boston “does not hold to the practice of publicly refusing Communion to anyone,” said archdiocese spokesman Rev. Christopher Coyne. He said it was up to the individual to decide whether to receive Communion.

Anyone? Anyone?! How about the naked guy who saunters up the aisle? Are you going to put it in his hand? How about the guy dressed up as a Satan worshipper who is probably collecting the Eucharist for a black Mass? What about the guy whol just told you outside on the steps that he doesn’t believe that the Eucharist is the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ? How about the Methodist you were just introduced to before Mass who saunters into the Communion line? Anyone, Father? Anyone?!

Can anyone point me to anywhere in an authoritative document, an ecumenical council decision, a canon law, that says that the decision whether a person can receive Communion is solely up to the person standing in the Communion line? You can’t because it all says exactly the opposite. Why are they all so afraid of this issue?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli