Too big, fat, and obnoxious?

Too big, fat, and obnoxious?

I have to admit I feel guilty. I watched Fox’s new “reality” (but not reality) TV show “My Big, Fat, Obnoxious Fiancfour congressional elections (two of which included presidential elections) between 75.5 and 83.5 percent of priests in the archdiocese voted Democrat. Even more disturbing may the fact that almost 70 percent did not vote at all, which may be not a bad thing if you think about it. As Jonah Goldberg has said, maybe we’re better off if certain apathetic Americans don’t vote, because they’re probably too stupid to think coherently about who to vote for in the first place.

Anyway, let’s look at who the Democrat politicians in Chicago are, that these priests are supporting. Sen Dick Durbin, a pro-abortion Catholic; Reps. Jesse Jackson Jr.; Bobby Rush; Luis Gutierrez (Catholic); Rahm Emanuel; Danny Davis; and others.

All these Demoracts are reliably pro-abortion (at least according to the information I found on the National Right to Life Committee web site). Yet even on such a bedrock principle, a foundational matter like whether we will allow the murder of innocent human beings, we can’t get 25 percent of priests to vote against these people.

Okay, a few caveats. At least some Republican candidates may have been pro-abortion and some Democrats have been pro-life, although none of the elected Chicago-area Republicans I found were pro-abort and none of the elected Dems were pro-life. (I’d be happy for someone from Chicago to provide evidence otherwise).

But at the least, the Democrat party has proven itself to be the Abortion Party. No deviation from the party line on abortion as the fundamental right of women is tolerated. Remember Gov. Casey from Pennsylvania? He was ostracized for being pro-life.

Maybe the Republican Party isn’t the natural political home of Catholics either, but I don’t see priests running from pro-abortion Democrats the same way they run from any Republican, pro-life or not. This is one old bias—the Democrat Party is the party of Catholics—that needs to die with an older generation.

Update: James Kabala has alerted me that this Illinois pro-life group gives William Lipinski a perfect voting record on pro-life issues, so he shouldn’t be included in that list above and I’ve removed his name. But the point stands while the rest of the names remain.

  • I’ve always felt that it is ridiculous to ask God to bless the country and support abortion and the same time.  Bless me while I offend you.