Bravo Cardinal Arinze!

Bravo Cardinal Arinze!

Cardinal Arinze’s comments about CINO politicians yesterday are getting wide play. And American bishops are running for cover to avoid having to deal with the consequences.

Cardinal Francis Arinze, speaking at a news conference about a new Vatican report on liturgical practices at Mass, was asked whether “unambiguously proabortion” Catholic politicians should be denied Communion, though that issue was not addressed in the report. “Yes,” the cardinal replied.

“The person is not fit,” said Arinze, a Nigerian who leads the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, a high-level Vatican body that monitors and sets policies on church service. “If he shouldn’t receive it, then it shouldn’t be given.”

Asked specifically about Communion for Kerry, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, who supports abortion rights, Arinze declined to respond specifically. “The norm of the church is clear,” he said. “The Catholic Church exists in the United States. There are bishops there. Let them interpret it.”

I love the last part. He’s telling US bishops to stand up and be the shepherds they’re supposed to be. Can you imagine if Cardinal Arinze were elected to be the next Pope? Oh, that would be interesting. Here’s one bishop who preaches the Gospel in season and out of season and lets no one deter him.