Bozell on Kerry’s Catholic problem

Bozell on Kerry’s Catholic problem

Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center weighs in on Kerry’s Catholic problem, which is that he wishes all this talk about religion would go away because he’s uncomfortable discussing it, and because he knows that the Democrat Party’s most rabid partisans are virulently anti-religion.

The Kerry shorthand: I’m a Catholic, I’m a legislator, but by God I’m not a Catholic legislator.

Leftists like Kerry traditionally have demanded a wall between the state and religion but now are taking it further still. They are publicly condemning a religious institution—specifically, Sen. Kerry’s Catholic Church—for upholding the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding the sanctity of human life.

  • “Bozell notes that if the US bishops capitulate on this issue, if they allow pro-abortion Catholic politicians to push them into becoming all talk and no action on fundamental matters of faith, then they risk nothing less than the implosion of the Catholic Church in the US. Theyolic is running for office (and the Vatican is concerned), they are forced to really take a stand.  Similarly, for years, they practically ignored or dissented from Catholic sexual morality, until the Church was drowned in priestly (homo)sexual sin (along with our society as well).

    Whenever you appease evil, it grows.

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    Gregory, McCarrick – They’re lying to us.  They treat us like dirt (just like they treated our children).

    In short – the Vatican sees the obvious danger of having a vigorously and unrepentant Catholic pro-baby-murder president, and wants something done about it (of course, such action is late by about thirty years).  A lot of the American bishops are going to lie, dissemble, dance on the heads of twenty pins – all to not have to do something about it.

    The Pope should replace these men with men of integrity – with men who are serious about standing up to evil in our society. 

    Liked this quote from Kralis’ article:

    Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen said: “Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops like bishops and your religious act like religious.”

    She and Father Sheen are, sadly, correct.

  • When I was a kid everyone in my family loved Bishop Sheen. My grandparents had all his books, and all my brothers and sisters,  aunts and uncles, cousins and nephews watched his tv show.

    His old books and sermons still stand up just fine.

    As much as we admired him, I think we took him for granted. It simply never crossed our minds that after he died American Catholicism would have no comparable voice.  When you think of the vast range of people he brought into the Church—everyone from the brilliant Clare Booth Luce to the local electrician—you have to stand in awe.

    It was the same with great theologians like Etienne Gilson and Jacques Maritain. We figured there would be others to take their place when they passed on.

    Yet again with the great Catholic writers like Flannery O’Connor, Evelyn Waugh, Bernanos, Mauriac, etc. The tradition lingered through Walker Percy, but seems dead now.  I can’t think of a language in which a great Catholic novelist writes today.

    All the big talk post Vatican 2 about how the newly liberated Church was going to be better than ever, more creative, more insightful, blah, blah, blah. It all came to nothing, less than nothing, worse than nothing.

    Not only that it is raining and I’m gaining weight.