Bon Appetit misses the point

Bon Appetit misses the point

In an effort to stay relevant, an old media warhorse throws away its advantage in order to ape the worst aspects of its successor. Bon Appetit's latest issue throws out all the usual professional photography and gives us 43 pages of photos of food taken with iPhones. Basically, it's your typical Instagram feed on a Saturday night. And that's the problem.

We all know what food looks like when photographed by an iPhone and it's usually not as flattering as it is in glossy magazines. Which is why we buy those glossy magazines in the first place: To be inspired by writing and photography about things we can't experience or can't do ourselves or would like to do.

The irony is that the magazine's photographers had to go through all kinds of machinations to produce photos usable in the magazine's demanding print process, thereby negating the whole reason one uses and iPhone--ease and simplicity--in order to propagate an irrelevant gimmick to impress... who?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli