Blizzard of January 05

Blizzard of January 05

Blizzard of January 05 - 3There’s lots of talk about this being a top 5 blizzard in Boston history. I can believe it. It’s hard to tell how much snow has fallen because the wind is blowing so hard, it’s creating 6-foot and higher snow drifts, but the TV forecasters are saying up to 30 inches in the immediate Danvers area. I believe it.

I just had to dig out my car which was buried up the roof on one side. Here are some pictures in the Bettnet Photo Gallery. I’ll be posting some more pictures later as well.

Of course, being hardy New Englanders, we weren’t going to simply let a blizzard limit our enjyment of the day. After shoveling off the back deck, we pulled out the grill and I cooked up a steak. It went well with a spicy Italian broccoli rabe side dish and some nice hot chocolate made from scratch.

Now, to top off the weird weather, the sun is out but the snow is still falling and the wind is blowing so hard that despite the light, you can’t see where you’re going.

Now, I’m hoping that the streets will be clear enough later for me to drive to my sister’s house to watch the Patriots beat the Steelers in the AFC Championship Game. Go Pats!

  • Very cool pictures and EXTREMELY cool link to “Galerie!”

    My street looked worse—or better, depending on how you look at it—than yours. The cars were invisible. I blame the wind direction on my block. Actually at one point during the day I considered blaming my city councilor (Charles “Chuck” Turner) but hey, even I’m not that bad!

    What a lovely sight to see the men in my house not only shoveling wonderfully convenient paths but also wrapping up the day with a turkey-with-all-the-trimmings meal! We ladies certainly appreciated it!

    Kelly <——has her own definition of “hardy New Englanders” wink

  • Wow!  I heard on WTOP radio this morning that the schools are closed in Salem.  My father grew up in Beverly in the 20s and 30s, and he told me they *never* had snow days, but just accepted heavy snowfall as a fact of life.  So this really must beat all.

    (My mother grew up in Florida, and would you believe it, she tells me they never had snow days there either.  (But they did sometimes have hurricane days.))

  • Galerie is pretty cool, Kelly. I found it recently and it makes creating these galleries a real snap.

    Seamus, Salem hit the jackpot in this storm: 38 inches! There’s no way they could even get out to school in this. They’ll probably be back tomorrow. I’ve heard that the real bear of a superintendent is up in Boxford or something; they have a snow day once every three years or so.

  • Dom, I agree…Galerie is very cool. What a world has opened up to me (and as soon as I find the time I might just explore it!)

    Meanwhile, I found out a profound truth today on my way to Mass.

    My boots are NOT waterprooof. Or maybe they’re just too short. I stupidly stepped in what I thought was a slightly covered piece o’ pavement but in fact was a bleepin’ gully. My pants were wet up to the knees which looked really classy while walking up to Communion.

    On the other hand…I got out!!!