Birthday snooping

Birthday snooping

  • Try entering just the name or the first couple digits of the zip code. It’s especially useful is the name is unusual, and not “Mary Smith” or “Bill Jones.” It’s found everyone I search for, except one person who’s name seems to be very common.

    As RC said, some of the zip code data is out of date so if you know where they have lived before, it helps.

  • This is very cool! I found yours, Dom—happy birthday!—actually I found three with your name. Two of them were you, living in different zip codes. Are you bi-local? wink

    Everybody I tried, I found—except, for some reason, ME—and the surnames were pretty common, like “Murphy,” and even “Smith.” Twiddling with the zip code, or omitting it seems to help.

  • The first of those is my dad, the second is where I grew up in Canton, Mass., and the third is where I lived in Steubenville until about 7 years ago. There are gaps in the system evidently, but it’s still cool nonetheless.

    And thanks for the birthday wish. smile