Bill Cork defaming me

Bill Cork defaming me

I accuse Bill Cork of defaming me and bearing false witness, and he should apologize and delete the reference from his website. In this post on, what else, The Passion, he writes the following:

If you don’t think this is necessary, read this post by Dom and the comments following. Catholics are ignorant about Catholic teaching on this subject. They think it can be covered by a paragraph from the Catechism or a rhetorical jab at “liberals” or “ecumenists” or the “money-grubbing Jews at the ADL.”

Not once did I refer to “money-grubbing Jews at the ADL” and neither did any of my commenters. In fact, I repudiated anti-Semitism by those who would accuse Jews under the old stereotype of being greedy. Yet, by placing the two sentences together and enclosing the insults in quotes, he infers that I or someone on my site said those words. That’s not true.

That’s a low tactic, Bill, and unworthy of Christian discourse.

Update: Bill has apologized and said he did not intend his statement to apply to me. He said he will re-write the original blog entry to clarify his meaning.