Big news

I have big news to report, but not about bishops or scandals or anything of the sort. In fact, this big news is only really important to me and Melanie and our families and friends.

I am happy to report that Melanie Scott has agreed to marry me. It is to my joy and credit that I happened to catch her in a brief moment of bad judgment where she said Yes to my proposal for marriage.

Seriously, I could not be happier today. The actual proposal was on Friday, but I had to wait to tell you all until after we had talked to both of our families. I finally got hold of my dad this afternoon, so now I’m letting you all know.

The tentative wedding date is Saturday, August 13. We know that’s quick, but between her teaching schedule and my publishing schedule, it was either then or in December after Christmas. With the amount of bad weather we’ve had this winter, we don’t want to chance it then. August it is!

We’ve already been the recipients of a lot of advice and I’m sure there is more to come. We appreciate it all, even the stranger suggestions, because I’m sure it is all well-intentioned.

Melanie and I first met in 2000, when she first moved to Salem from Dallas. We were both apparently at an impromptu beach jam session, although neither of us remembers seeing each other. My first recollection was meeting her at Mass when she was sitting with our mutual friend Meghan, who Melanie had just moved in with. I do remember thinking, “Hey, check out the tall, pretty girl.”