Behind the scenes of the Kerry campaign

Behind the scenes of the Kerry campaign

Now that the campaign is over, the truth can be revealed. What truth? The one that the media didn’t want you to know about what was really going on inside the Kerry campaign. Ter-AY-za’s melodramatics, Kerry’s whining and indecision, the hostile takeover by Clintonistas.

JOHN KERRY constantly squabbled with his difficult and hypochondriac wife, ran a campaign team riven by internal feuding, and repeatedly begged the Republican senator John McCain to become his running-mate, according to a riveting inside account of his doomed presidential bid.

The Massachusetts senator was so obsessed with getting advice from a multitude of rival advisers that one aide confiscated his mobile telephone. His wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, became such a moody distraction that in the closing weeks of the campaign another aide instructed her to stop whispering advice in his ear and back off.

Kerry is quoted of saying about Bush, “I can’t believe I’m losing to this idiot.” After the reality of his campaign is aired to the public, I have to say of Kerry, I can’t believe this guy got as close as he did. If this was how he ran his campaign for the presidency, can you imagine how he would have run the United States?