BC buying more property

BC buying more property

  • “Hello, Mr. Gandt, my name is <first name, last name>, I’m an undergraduate here at BC, and I’m calling on behalf of the university to tell you about the exciting growth that’s going on at BC, and invite you, as a GSAS alumnus, to contribute financially to help make this growth possible….ok…..uh-huh…well, yes, we do occasionally run productions of the Vagina Monologues, but….oh, yes, the liturgical dance is really great, you should…oh…..who is Jabba The Slut?…..I see.  Um, yeah, I’ll let the administration know your thoughts.  Thank you for your time.”

  • On the same day, we received a booklet and application from Boston College and the Cardinal Newman Society’s pamphlet informing us that BC is one of the Catholic Colleges that will have the obscene and filthy v monologues.

    I truly can’t imagine a church where once the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass took place being used as a platform for this abomination!

    I wouldn’t even send my dog to such a place!

  • I get the impression that the flaky retreat programs were being run by non-Dominican staff for the most part, and were felt to not really reflect the Dominican tradition all that well.  When the place started running a loss, that gave the OPs a reason to be done with it.

    It’s not obvious whether BC will keep the current staff and programs or put their own staff in charge.  But I’m sure the dwindling market for such flaky stuff will be adequately served somewhere.

    The only puzzling part is why BC would buy its own retreat house when the Jesuit retreat center in Weston is even closer.