Banning Charlie Chan

Banning Charlie Chan

The Fox Movie Channel is canceling its Charlie Chan movie festival because a minority pressure group says the Chan character is an offensive stereotype.

In that case, as an “Italian-American” I want HBO to cancel “The Sopranos,” I want the DVDs and videos of “The Godfather” movies recalled, and I want every Mafia movie banned because they all perpetuate offensive stereotypes of “Italian-Americans” as gangsters.

  • Actually Giacomo, I was only being facetious about the Sopranos. I couldn’t care less about it or other Mafia movies. In fact, I’ve been entertained by some of them.

    My point is that we need to get over the feelings of indignation we feel at any negative portrayal of whatever ethnic group we belong to. Otherwise, when there is something to really be upset about—such as blasphemy of the Lord or real anti-Catholicism—no one will bother listening to us any more.