Bad predictions and analysis

Bad predictions and analysis

Despite what one liberal blogger who styles himself as a vaticanista claimed, the Instruction is a vindication of the original news report by Catholic World News back in September as to the contents. That blogger had claimed that when the document was leaked in totality last Friday that Lawler would be gnashing his teeth. Let’s just say that it was this guy who should be gnashing his teeth, getting everything so completely wrong, just like about half of all his other predictions about what the Vatican and American bishops would be doing. Either that or claiming as a scoop what everybody and his brother was already saying.

If this guy was as even one quarter in the know as he claims, I’d give him some credit, but he’s just not. And it’s his clumsy and obviously liberal (despite his protestations otherwise) attacks on my friends and colleagues that annoy me.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli