Bad amendment gets preliminary approval

Bad amendment gets preliminary approval

It looks like we’re going to be stuck with a version of de facto gay marriage in Massachusetts. The compromise constitutional amendment that gives away the store passed a preliminary vote. Both sides hate it and want to defeat it, but traditional marriage supporters are being told that a rotten apple is better than no apple.

What is likely to result is that we will end up with civil unions in Massachusetts. At least, as civil unions, we won’t be exporting this to other states. The unions won’t be legally portable, except perhaps to Vermont.

You ever have one of those days where you just feel like the world is going to hell in a handbasket?


    What is going to happen is we will end up with Gay Marriage in MA.

    All of these guys will get re-elected, and then they will defeat this amendment next year, and with 18 months left to their terms of office, essentially spitting in the faces of the voters (and even worse, the taxpayers).

    Don’t think this is a bad amendment which will reach the voters.  This is a bad amendment which will have a 12 month life span, and then just go away, leaving MA with full fledged Constitutional Gay Marriage.

    Time to shake the dust from our sandals!  Pull back to friendly territory, regroup, and prepare to defend against the greater assault!

    Let’s pray that Mitt has the guts to DEFY the courts.  Lincoln did in the Dred Scott decision.

  • The Worcester Telegram for Friday March 12th reports that Jerry D’Avolio, the director of the Massachusetts Catholic Conference, when asked about the proposed amendment, said, “We cannot support civl unions. … We can’t a relationship that goes against our teachings.”  Furthermore, he said that if the amendment received initial approval, he would lobby the legislators to delete the civil unions language from it before its goes on the ballot.