At this level, you get a lovely tote bag

At this level, you get a lovely tote bag

Welcome to Day 2 of “Dom shamelessly sells himself.” Yes, it’s the second day of my exercise in self-humiliation and self-promotion, where I ask you to consider whether my daily rantings are of any value to you and if so, and you have some spare change, to throw some into the PayPal bucket, by clicking on the button at the top of the page or this link right here!

I was just going over some server stats yesterday while applying for the NetFlix affiliate program (thanks for the idea, Dennis), and realized that over 25,000 unique users view my site every month and I serve over 90,000 pages. Wow! That’s a lot and the numbers are increasing every month. I guess what news and commentary is interesting to a few people.

It’s a humbling privilege to reach out to so many people, but it’s also a humbling duty to make sure I get it right. Whether you donate or not, I ask that you say a quick prayer for me. That’s appreciated most of all.