Are you happy with the choice of Benedict XVI?

Are you happy with the choice of Benedict XVI?

  • I voted in favor of him.  Neither the radical right nor the radical left like him, so I think he must be pretty good. 

  • Just a note—If you want to go there and put in your vote, the vote is not attached to the article of similar name.  There is a link that says “Halo Quick Poll” just below the scrolling marquee.  Click there and you will simply be given the choice of “yes” or “no.”  Probably they don’t want us to elaborate much wink  It’s a markedly progressive site, and yes it’s run by the Paulists, about which I am not one bit surprised.  Many of the older religious orders are progressive quagmires.  That’s why the new orders are the choice of so many younger people with vocations.

  • I agree it should be much higher – it’s now up to 76% as of 10:11 EDT – but after checking out what the site offered (ultra-“progessive” viewpoints by the perennially indignant),  I’m surprised it’s as high as it is

  • Latest count at 15:21 EDT:

    Yes 233 (80%)
    No   29 (10%)
    Haven’t decided (giving him a chance)  25 (09%)
    Don’t Care   4 (01%)

    overall votes: 291

  • No shock Pope Benedict is not a favorite on a site that would feature this article:

    Seriously, is this woman for real? My favorite line, from one of her fellow parishioners upon hearing the apparently devastating news that Cardinal Ratzinger had been made pope: “We should trust in the Holy Spirit.”

    Yes, I certainly hope the Holy Spirit helps Benedict see the wisdom of remodeling the Church in the image of American secularism!

  • Hi, all:

    Didn’t catch Meet the Press this a.m., bec I was working, but I think it’s rebroadcast in the evening. I’d like to see Fr. Fessio since I’ve read an article about him, poss in Nat’l Review? or somewhere online, about the issues he was having at the college where he teaches.

    God bless –

  • Hello all!
    I’m new to this forum.  Below is the on line petition address urging eBay to change its policy on the sale of the Holy Eucharist. Earlier today, signatures numbered 24,314.  Use it and pass it on!!!!
    I am writing and emailing anyone who may help. 

    I am not by nature a is for vanity or that their hands are grubby or that perhaps they don’t believe the Eucharist is the Body of Christ.

    Before you assume this perhaps you should actually ask people why they prefer to receive in the hand. The answers may surprise you.

  • Yeah, but Joanne? According to their own polls, he IS a favorite!

    However, at 9:06 ET—Yes = 82%. Sorry, Paulists o’ Mine!

    Kelly <———hoping “Young Adult Minister” Nora Bradbury-Haehl might decide to remain quiet wink

  • Dom,
    The fact that people stole the Eucharist before reception in the hand made it much easier for them to do so only strengthens the case for receiving on the tongue only—which makes stealing it not impossible, but much more difficult.  Stories of miracles aside, is that not a simple rational proposition we can agree on?

    Regardless of whether the thought offends you, its my thought and I express it freely:  I believe that vanity is one of the chief reasons—not the only—people prefer to receive the Eucharist in hand.  If anyone cares to weigh in with other “surprising” reasons, by all means let’s hear them.

    I will be happy to sign any and all petitions against a wretched company like eBay if the people passing them around will be willing to reconsider what they are doing when they receive the body of Christ.

  • Fr. Fessio was quite good on Meet the Press. Did anyone else think Russert was rude to him…when Fessio said he needed hours to explain Church Doctrine vs “sound bites” that did not give the doctrines their due bc of their complexities???

    Russert bowed down in near worship to the Mercy “sister” and her pseudo-intellectual ramblings that made no sense. I half expected her to whip out some crystals and talk about God as gender-neutral….I couldn’t help but compare her angry facial features to the loving countenance of the late Mother Teresa. The face, after many years, says much.

  • Russert was rude because Fr. Fessio insulted him first – something for which we will always be in Fr. Fessio’s debt.  The MSM simply cannot comprehend that we don’t value their slanted, hyper-compressed ramblings as a substitute for real wisdom.

    And to think I actually believe Russert to be among the better newsmen of his day!  Doesn’t say much for the rest of them, does it?

  • Are you happy about the election of Benedict XVI? 
    Yes.  – 315 ( 64%)
    No.  – 145 ( 30%)
    Haven’t decided (giving him a chance)  – 26 ( 5%)
    Don’t Care – 4 ( 1%)

    Further news on the eBay Eucharist-selling front. My future sister-in-law got an email from eBay’s customer service. Keep in mind she only sent them one email.


    Thank you for once again writing in to let us know your feelings on the completed sale of this item which was listed through our site by one of our members.

    We have responded to all of your previous correspondence explaining why this item was allowed to be sold and we understand that you do not agree with our decision. We respect your feelings and we do not expect you to agree with our decision but we ask that you please also respect eBay’s decision to keep our site a worldwide marketplace where nearly anything that is not against the law can be sold by nearly anyone in the world regardless of religious belief, race, sex or physical ability. Please remember that eBay does not possess and sell the actual items listed on our site, they are listed by individuals not affiliated with eBay, and so long as they comply with site policies, we are involved in the transactions very minimally.

    Your concerns have been passed on through the proper channels and future correspondence will not change our decision to keep this completed item showing on the site. Please be aware that this will be the last correspondence you will receive from us regarding this matter. You have explained your views and we have explained our decision. Future correspondence will be read but will not receive a reply. We do appreciate you writing in to express your concerns.
    eBay Community Watch

    Sounds like the people at eBay are getting annoyed. What this tells me is that it’s time to turn up the pressure. We need even more people to write to them.

    What really gets me is that they are lying through their teeth. There are plenty of items that are legal that they won’t allow to be sold on their site. Reader Patrick posted a link on a previous thread to the site of a guy who tried to sell commemorative itemsrsity, a surprising number of them from non-Catholics, and my school is writing up an article about the whole eBay mess.

    I am going to try to get more signatures next week.

    eBay sent me a link to a customer satisfaction survey. I have a very limited space in which to write, and I must say, I’m hard put to figure out exactly what to say in my complaint.

  • Its tapdancing because it dances around the real point, which is, what is easier to fake, especially in a situation where you are being watched:  putting a host you’ve received in your hand into your mouth, or putting a host that has been put into your mouth into your hand, and from your hand into your pocket.  If you want to shrug and say 6 of one, half dozen of the other, or “where’s your proof?”, be my guest.

    As for your “surprising” guesses:
    (1)  so let them learn a new way, since there is a compelling reason to do so
    (2)  boils down to vanity
    (3)  some may do this, but I’ve never seen it—if so, it may just be another case of the congregation aping the priest, when they have their own roles to play and their own rubric to follow. 

  • Peterdamien:
    If it is good enough for St. Cyril of Jerusalem; it is good enough for me:
    ” In approaching therefore, come not with thy wrists extended, or thy fingers spread; but make thy left hand a throne for the fight, as for that which is to receive a King. And having hollowed thy palm, receive the Body of Christ, saying over it, Amen. So then after having carefully hollowed thine eyes by the touch of the Holy Body, partake of it; giving heed lest thou lose any portion thereof; for whatever thou losest, is evidently a loss to thee as it were from one of thine own members. For tell me, if any one gave thee grains of gold, wouldest thou not hold them with all carefulness, being on thy guard against losing any of them, and suffering loss? Wilt thou not then much more carefully keep watch, that not a crumb fall from thee of what is more precious than gold and precious stones?”

  • St Cyril never mentioned his policy toward eBay, but point well taken.  However, Pius XII, among others, has warned of the dangers of departing from tradition and arbitrarily going back to beginnings.  The real question is, were St Cyril alive today, and aware of two millenia of Church tradition, to say nothing of satanist/mammonite thieving, would he feel the same way?

    Ooops, there I go with those unprovable statements again. 

  • Memoriale Domini says p>peterdamien wrote:
    2005-04-24 17:00:58
    2005-04-24 21:00:58
    Charles –

    I agree.  The change will come through the appointments. That way it’ll be diffuse, gradual and people can turn to their Bishops for guidance/explanation/accountability.  I think there will be an iceberg like quality to this pontificate.  The public will fret/rejoice over the 10% they can see. The bulk of pontificate will be below the water line: the ad lumina visits, the candidate selection process, the personal consultations. 

    Just making McCormick, Mahoney, McCarrick, Egan, Hubbard, Cormac-Murphy, and Danieels go away one by one will bring a sea-change.

    I wouldn’t disagree that the last 4 Pope have shared the same view of the council.  Their reactions based on that view will differ immensely.