Archbishop Burke continues undaunted

Archbishop Burke continues undaunted

Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis continues to fight the good fight on the pro-abort Catholic politician front. He has said he won’t give up now that the election is over, mostly because he has said all along that this wasn’t about one election or one candidate. And showing that he practices what he preaches, he has approcahed some pro-abort pols.

In that regard, Archbishop Burke said he had recently begun a pastoral conversation with a Catholic St. Louis-area congressman who has “a perfect pro-abortion record.” He said he would do the same with any other Catholic politician whose policies contradict the church’s teaching on life issues.

He also shows some refreshing candor about the failings of his fellow bishops.

Underlining the sacramental consequences—such as refusal of Communion—is a pastoral responsibility, Archbishop Burke said. It is also a way for the church to show it is serious about these fundamental issues, he said. “Let’s just be honest, the application of the church’s discipline in this regard is weak,” he said.