Anti-Catholic Hate Crime at LSU

Anti-Catholic Hate Crime at LSU

Fr. Sibley alerts us to this story coming out of Louisiana State University of vandalism of a student pro-life display and the lack of response by the university. It is not the only instance of this type of crime. Here are the details: On Monday night, five vandals removed a large number of the 4,000 crosses placed by a pro-life student group. We know it was five because a police officer witnessed the whole thing and did nothing! Now, under state law causing damage to property based on religious beliefs is a hate crime.

You know what I think about the concept of “hate crimes;” I think it’s stupid liberalism seeking to prosecute based on what someone thinks rather than what they do. However, if you’re going to have the law it should be applied equally, (just as the sexual harassment laws were used against Bill Clinton).

I said this was not an isolated case and it isn’t: It’s happened at Oregon State University, in Northern California, in Pennsylvania, and more. Those are just the first three that came up in Google News. But apart from local newspapers, where have you heard about it? Nowhere. If abortion clinics were being defaced across the country, it would be on all the news broadcasts and in the all the newspapers. But pro-lifers being intimidated? Nothing.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli