Another view on O’Malley’s remarks

Another view on O’Malley’s remarks

Kelly’s comment on my earlier post about Archbishop O’Malley’s remarks on same-sex unions is better than mine. Read it here.

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  • So is mine.

    RC, I’m not “slamming” Archbishop O’Malley personally…I’m questioning his statement, which merely echoed the US Bishops’ statement. Look, he’s my pastor. His parish church is in the South End of Boston, which is filled with people living in homosexual relationships. Right down the street is the Jesuit Urban Center which makes no secret about being Boston’s “gay Catholic parish.” Across the street from Archbishop O’Malley’s church is a mortgage company that caters to gay homebuyers.

    I think we need at least one spiritual leader to clarify—unambiguously—that homosexual activity is sinful. We don’t need, in my opinion, anybody else to tell us that homosexuals can always buy real estate jointly.