Another bishop holds politicians accountable

Another bishop holds politicians accountable

Bishop John Yanta of Amarillo, Texas, joins the list of bishops willing to hold pro-abortion Catholic politicians to account for their stance. He says that such a Catholic would be denied Communion if he didn’t repent:

But Bishop John W. Yanta of the Catholic Diocese of Amarillo doesn’t see it that way. He said religion is to be learned inside the church and lived outside of it. In a column in The West Texas Catholic newspaper, he asked readers to inform him if they knew a “pro-choice” Catholic politician in the diocese. If, after pastoral counseling, the person still supported abortion, that politician would be denied Communion.

Yanta said he considered it a moral stand, not a political one.

“The word communion means ‘in union with,”’ he said. “And if they’ve already separated themselves from Jesus and his teachings, then they have no business receiving communion. It’s a travesty. It’s a mockery. It’s a sacrilege. This is a Catholic church stand. It’s a Jesus stand. You can read about it in the Gospel and in I Corinthians.”

  • I, for one, thought it WAS hilarious, just because it was SO absurd and ironic.  I saw this last week and laughed at it. I mean, really-what idiot would put that bib on a baby? That’s the irony of it!
    I don’t agree with the author, that we can’t “offend” those who aren’t Christian.  I actually thought this was a website from some witty Christian making fun of Clinton and his idiocy-a political cartoon if you will.

  • well, he’s certainly a capitalist…so let’s offend him by attacking his ‘god.’  let’s find out who owns the copyright on the Sacred Heart image that he stole and is profiting from, and sue his pants off (not literally, however)!  my only hope is that it’s not a “public domain” image.

  • (i love posting my own followup!)

    just got off the phone with the priests of the sacred heart in hales corner, wisconsin, who own the copyright to the image of the Sacred Heart.  i’m waiting for a call back from a fellow who takes care of all their own printing.  i told his secretary that even though i’d love to see them just stop this ritcher character from continuing his blasphemy, i’d be absolutely delighted if they could bankrupt the lout in the process. 

    now, mr. ritcher, THAT’s un-christian!

  • The good Dr. Rausch seems a bit determined to prove that one can infact, serve two masters.  He’ll have to choose eventually.

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    I was raised Catholic. I attended 12 years of Catholic schools
         where I feel I received an excellent
    , well-rounded education. I
         love God
    's creatures and have been vegetarian for 13 years.

    Classic!  BWJ


    Spoke yesterday to a Mr. John Kane at the Sacred Heart printing office in Hales Corner, Wis.  Although the image that Ritcher used is not under their copyright, he did direct the complaint to the folks who do own that particular artwork, and he’s certain they’re going to pursue it.

    As a side note, he told me about the incident with the PETA people using the Hales Corner folks art a few years ago.  When his attorneys ordered them to cease and desist, the PETA people were forced to burn hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of t-shirts, posters, mailings, etc., not to mention taking down all the billboards they’d rented.

    Mr. Kane said he’d keep me posted on the outcome of this latest piece of copyright infringement.

  • PS:  apparently I/we are not the only ones to have contacted Mr. Kane.  He said they’ve been inundated with reports, and he’s very glad we let him know.  Score one for the good guys!