…And we’re back!

…And we’re back!

Thank you for your patience. The move ... happened. It didn’t go smoothly, but it did go. More details to follow. But one of the first things I did was to set up this web server so you could resume your normal argumentation.

So what did I miss while I was gone? Just don’t tell me that the Red Sox traded Nomar or something .... What?!

  • Man,

    It took long enough to deal Nomar….was it a good thing?  Being a Yankee fan, I think so, but now you and the Himester really have something to talk about since you got Dougie….good luck pronouncing that Polish name….


  • Being a Boston fan in their spring training home of Fort Myers, I love the trade.  I’ve lived here ten years and though I don’t have the money to attend a lot of games, I’ve attended more than a few – and not a one was ever graced by the presence of that good-for-nothing, who was always injured, training elsewhere, or (my personal favorite) resting.  Though in typical Boston fashion, I fully the slug to suddenly become healthy, proficient (no more errors!), and invigorated once he gets outside Fenway.  Good riddance.

    Oh, and I’ve seen Doug play plenty of times, as he’s coming from our other “spring hometown team” of the Twins, and played for their A-ball Miracle team for a while.  Nomar has more talent, but at least Doug shows up.

  • Jaimie,I am not bitter—I just hate the Cubs! I know Sox fans who will not shop at Cub Foods! A grocery chain in northern Illinois. LOL?

  • Well, I’m generally happy with the trade. On today’s broadcast of the Red Sox game, the announcers related some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that’s been going on in the dugout and clubhouse. Apparently Nomar told manager Terry Francona that his ankle’s been hurting and that he expected to go on the DL in August. When GM Theo Epstein told Nomar that he might get traded to the Cubs, Nomar said he his ankle was suddenly feeling better.

    Nomar was disgruntled because the Sox tried to trade him last winter for A. Rod. And that was after he turned down a big contract offer last winter to hold out for more money. Of course, then he got injured in the spring. I guess I was getting convinced that he wasn’t going to be a RS for long, but it still seems so weird for him not to be a Red Sox.

    At least now maybe the Sox will be able to sign Pedro.

  • Tony,

    That’s a typical Sox fan response wink. Sox fans are second-class citizens in this town, and they resent it.

    It’s funny, because most Cubs fans are generally ambivalent about the White Sox, like a gnat you absent-mindedly swat at.

  • Wait a sec…I never met an actual WHITE Sox fan before—this could be interesting!

    Do WHITE Sox fans have, like, a club or secret handshake or anything like that? Do they publicly acknowledge their fanship?

    Does Chicago sell WHITE Sox baseball cards? (Does TOPS, for that matter?)

    Dom hates the Yankees (actually, most people do), Tony hates the Cubs and I’ve got a Cubs Fan Calendar hanging on my wall simply because I’m a RED Sox fan (there’s a connection and you all know it)…is this a situation for an anthropologist or what?

    Also, Dom? (speaking o’ Nomar):

    but it still seems so weird for him not to be a Red Sox.

    That just sounds plain weird. I realize you can’t say “so weird for him not to be a Red `Sock’” but I dunno…“so weird for him to be off the Sox” sounds better to me.

    Actually it sounds excellent. I’m just as happy that he’s off the team.

    Because to paraphrase the great poet Donne: “Nomar is an island.”

  • Actually Kelly the White Sox do have a secret handshake.  Well actually its more of a signal. 

    When two White Sox fans approach each other, they wrap both thumb and forefinger around their throat.  Then there is a knowing nod and a large discussion about how cool it was to be a Bulls fan when Jordan played. 

    Nomar is an island… I get it!! Funny stuff pew lady

  • Jaime and his ilk,No matter,I stand by my statement of pure hate of the the Cubs; I will not recanr!

    By the by,Jesse Jackson is a black White Sox fan,so there!