And so it begins: the backlash

And so it begins: the backlash

Here it comes. Boston Globe columnist Eileen McNamara is calling for the Catholic Church’s tax-exempt status to be revoked because of our opposition to the legalization of same-sex marriage. Of course, McNamara wants to keep the exemption for the stuff she likes.

Spare Catholic Charities, the parochial schools, and the social service providers who truly embody the religious mission of the church, but pull the ticket on the corporate entity that would turn Holy Cross Cathedral into a precinct hall and the Sunday liturgy into a political rally.

Thus Eileen demonstrates her ignorance. She thinks the real mission of the Church is running social service agencies with barely perceptible religious character and inner-city private schools.

  • “It’s funny, the world that Eileen lives in. In her world, it is the Church that wants to rewrite the constitution, not those who insist on finding in it that which isn’t there: gay marriage. In her world, it’s okay for liberal clergy and denominations to support liberal activism, but it’s not okay for the Church to stand up for the Truth. Of course, the world Eileen lives in is Massachusetts 2004. Welcome to my world.”

    Mine too. Talk about presumptuous. Who is she to tell the Church what its mission should be? And does she think that absolutely no political discussion happens in temples or Protestant churches? Or is that different because typically she’d agree with it?

    My grandfather wouldn’t even allow the Globe in his house. We get it on Sundays, but I don’t know why. It just makes our blood pressure skyrocket.

  • Joanne,

    I don’t subscribe anymore either, but I do go to the web site on a regular basis because it is such good blog fodder. You can find all the arguments of the left to refute. At least I’m not paying for that privilege.