An update on the Msgr Kerr, Ted Bundy, and Rosary story

An update on the Msgr Kerr, Ted Bundy, and Rosary story

When I wrote back in May about Msgr. William Kerr, how I met him, and his connection to Ted Bundy and one of his victims, I never imagined it would be spread throughout the Internet. I’ve seen people claim it’s a falsehood and an urban legend. I can only respond that I do acknowledge I heard it third-hand, but that it was transmitted from Msgr. Kerr to my friend Fr. Gabriel and then to me, and I trust them implicitly.

On the other hand, I’ve seen the post lifted in its entirety with a false Associated Press dateline added to it, as if to end more credibility to the story. If you think you’re helping Our Lady and the Holy Spirit with this falsehood, don’t. God doesn’t need any lies to spread the Good News.

In any case, I’ve made a few corrections and updates to the original post. For one thing, I don’t know why I wrote that Msgr. Kerr administered last rites, as I don’t recall Fr. Gabriel telling me that. Everything else I wrote was pretty much spot-on, but I edited a bit to clean up emphases. I also added a section on Msgr. Kerr’s later contacts with Bundy and Bundy’s parents, and the forgiveness of the parents of one victim.

If I’d know how much interest there was in the story, I would have checked my facts with Fr. Gabriel first, but I’m glad he’s contacted me to reassure me on the facts I got right and to nudge me on the bits that needed nudging.


  • Perhaps you could ask Fr. Gabriel to explain why Our Lady would protect the one girl who said her rosary that night but not the others in the same dorm. That’s the kind of credibility I’m looking for.

  • I pray the rosary daily but I have never asked the Blessed Mother why she would protect one person and not another. I think the story is disrespectful to her, not my question.

  • Whether you think it disrespectful or not, it’s what happened.

    What you;re looking for is an answer to why the good suffer and evil prosper and other such difficult questions. Try the Psalms or Job. I don’t think those are disrespectful to the Blessed Mother or the Lord.

  • My question was poorly worded and posted without sufficient thought. I apologize.