Always another chance

Always another chance

There’s always a second chance in Fresno. Fr. Michael Lastiri, who has remained in his bishop’s good graces despite several accusations of financial and sexual misconduct?

After all that has occurred, he is getting yet another pastoral assignment.

A Catholic priest who was removed from a Merced church after he reportedly used a gay dating Web site has been assigned to work with prisons. Church officials say the Reverend Jean-Michael Lastiri will be director of detention ministry in the eight-county Diocese of Fresno.

I guess prisoners can’t complain about who’s assigned to minister to them like the “judgmental” people Bishop Steinbock tried to foist Lastiri on last time.

When will Steinbock say enough is enough? And just why is he so invested in defending this guy (to the point of accusing people of the sin of defamation and then failing to admit his error when he’s proven wrong)?

  • Answer: blackmail.

    You want the “Situation” to go away?  Get rid of some bishops.

  • Reminds me of the situation Matt Abbott reports in his May 12 column.  The article is composed mostly of the complaints of Miami Attorney Sharon Bourassa.  The whistleblower priest here got fired.  I’m finding it harder all the time to look at a priest without wondering…

    Nothing is being cleaned up.  It’s just business as usual.  Will the abusers be returned to the parishes once the headlines die down? 

  • I’m finding it harder and harder to go to church because of both the stonewallling of the bishops on this terrible situation and the Leftist political leanings of the clergy.  I wonder whose side the Church is on?  Certainly not on the side of middle-class, white heterosexual Catholics.

  • Margaret,

    I’d encourage you not to confuse the bishops with the Church. The bishops are what they are, but the Church is the bride of Christ. Don’t ever let the antics of the bishops separate you from the Truth that subsists in the Church.

  • It would be interesting to hear the Archdiocese’s side of this if there were even a shred of hope that we would be given the truth, which there isn’t.