Alito & the “Catholic Ticket”

Alito & the “Catholic Ticket”

Talking head/pundit Ellen Ratner shows how clueless liberals are when it comes to dealing with Catholics in the public sphere. Is it clueless or biased?

But Ratner might well have plumbed a new personal low in religious stereotyping and sheer ignorance this morning when she explained Justice Sam Alito’s recent vote to stay an execution by claiming that he votes the "Catholic ticket." Her ill-informed allegation came in the course of "The Long & the Short of It," a regular Fox & Friends Weekend feature in which she debates conservative columnist Jim Pinkerton.

Would that be the Justice Anthony Kennedy “Catholic ticket” that’s pro-Roe/anti-death penalty/judicial activist? Or the Justices Antonin Scalia/Clarence Thomas anti-Roe/pro-death penalty/strict constructionist “Catholic ticket”?

Even their attempted religious slurs make no sense. Liberals want it to appear that Bush’ judicial picks are and were religious fundamentalists; extremists bent on imposing a Taliban-like vision on America’s freedoms. It’s a pre-emptive strike over the next Supreme Court or high-level judiciary appointment. You think Alito’s and Roberts’ confirmations were bad; wait until John Paul Stevens needs to be replaced and the balance of the court really is at stake.

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Domenico Bettinelli