Alas, our plot has been discovered

Alas, our plot has been discovered

Wow. I thought the days of Papist-hating Anglicans were long in the past. According to this article in The Spectator, the European Union is a plot by the Catholic Church to reverse the Reformation and bring Papism back to Britain.

When I first read this, I kept waiting for the twist ending; for the joke to be revealed, for the “ha, ha” moment when the author comes clean and tells us it was all satire. But the moment never came. I think he really believes it. And The Spectator gave him space to spout it.

How absurd the conclusion! I wish the Pope did have the power to impose his will on Europe. Maybe then we could end the funding of abortions, the dissolution of individual rights, the promotion of euthanasia, and the coercion toward secularism that the EU is now.

I didn’t know whether I was reading Lorraine Boettner or Jack Chick. The whole thing is so over-the-top, I picture the author sitting in a darkened study, typing out his manuscript on an old typewriter, tin foil hat perched precariously on his head. Read it for some amusement and to recall how the old-time anti-Catholics used to practice their art.

  • As anti-Catholic bigotry in The Spectator goes, this is really mild stuff. They regularly publish far more hateful stuff.

    That’s actually a clever piece Hilton has written. He plays all at once on knee-jerk Tory resistance to the EU, to right-wing, Established bigotry against Catholics, and (allusively) to Blair’s quasi-Catholic, pro-Europe stance. Very tidy.