Ah yes, so now the Jews are behind it

Ah yes, so now the Jews are behind it

I used to have a little respect for E. Michael Jones, at least insofar as he was an observer of the problems in our culture, but he’s apparently gone off the deep end of the loony pool. Rod Dreher writes on the Dallas Morning News blog that Jones’ magazine Culture Wars has written an article attacking Rod, the DMN, and the Jewish-Protestant conspiracy that is making up the Scandal. (Yeah, thousands of boys and girls haven’t been raped and bishops didn’t cover it up; it’s all just a conspiracy.)

  • Sometimes I think the DMN-blog is trying to out-Catholic-content the NRO-corner.

    What’s bizzare is that Jones is no friend of the Law/Bernardin/Mahony hierarchy so why does complain about how the DMN criticizes them?