Adoption agency allows Catholic parents

Adoption agency allows Catholic parents

That Protestant adoption agency that refused to allow Catholics to adopt kids has changed its policy. They now say that as long as the potential Catholic parents agree with their statement of faith, they’ll be welcome to adopt. Notice that they’re not changing the statement of faith, just saying that Catholics are not a priori unacceptable. Interesting.,

  • I think they were doing Catholics a better service by refusing to let them sign the Statement of Faith (which is, IMO, heresy):

    I believe that in all matters of faith and life, the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the final authority. The Scriptures point us with full reliability to Jesus, Godnal to fall back on, and the intended meaning of the statement (on the part of those who wrote it) is made clear by their decision to exclude Catholics originally. 

  • What would happen if an adoptive Catholic couple didn’t adhere to the “Statement of Faith”?  Would they loose custody of the children?

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    I meant to ask: how long does the Statement of Faith bind the adoptive parents?  Until the children are 18?  What if the the agency decides later on that letting the child become a Catholic violates the Statement of Faith- can they remove the children?

  • OK, so it is clear they are saying the Scriptures overrule all but they are clearly blowing off Mathew 16 where Jesus puts Peter in charge here on terra firma….Yeah, a Catholic is better off not signing off on this protestant confusion.