Abusive nuns

Abusive nuns

A group of deaf people is suing a group of nuns, a priest, some laypeople, and Bishop Thomas Daily, formerly of Brooklyn for sexual abuse they suffered at an independent school for the deaf in Boston decades ago. The school is closed now, so I guess the deep pockets they will go after belong to the archdiocese. Yay, we get to pay more settlements.

The nuns are from the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph. The article says the case is the “first to allege widespread abuse by nuns.” Is this widespread? Yes, it’s 14 nuns, but they’re all in the same place and it’s nine victims (three women and six men).

So what is the policy when a nun is alleged to have abused? Is she suspended somehow? Actually, there’s no national policy since the Dallas charter only applies to diocesan priests. I guess the lawyers need to find a new Scandal to file lawsuits over. The nuns are next, I guess. (Not that I disbelieve the victims; I just don’t have high regard for the lawyers.)

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli