Abandon Eucharistic doctrine: Call to Action

Abandon Eucharistic doctrine: Call to Action

The international parent to Voice of the Faithful, Call to Action, proves once again that it is neither Catholic nor in touch with reality by its latest press release.

The international dissident movement “We Are Church” is issuing an appeal to the Catholic bishops, gathered in Rome for the Synod, to confront the “real” problems relating to the Eucharist.  At an October 4 press conference in Rome, the dissident group called for reconsideration of the key Catholic doctrine on the transubstantiation, an end to the “hierarchical monopoly” on the sacraments, and approval of shared communion with other Christian denominations.

“Hierarchical monopoly” smacks of a childish cry of “But it’s my turn!” I don’t get their problem with transubstantiation. Apparently, they want it jettisoned because Protestants don’t like it.

Hey, if these people want to be Protestants so bad, why don’t they just go join a Protestant church?

We Are Church argued that the dogma of the transubstantiation—the teaching that the bread and wine at Mass are transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ—is unacceptable to Protestants, and thus impedes ecumenical unity. The group decried traditional forms of Catholic piety, such as Eucharistic adoration and processions, as tending to make an “idol” of the Blessed Sacrament.

Duh, you can’t make an “idol” out of God Himself. Does anyone doubt that poor catechesis leads to this sort of heresy?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli