A typical secular view of the issue

A typical secular view of the issue

The Boston Herald is usually the conservative newspaper in town, but not in this story from Friday about the Pope’s ad limina visit with some American bishops in which he called for an increased focus on priestly vocations.

The headline is the first clue: “Priest recruit plea pits pope against activists.” Funny that they should focus on the confrontational part of the story, the insignificant number of protesters for women’s ordination and the like, rather than the real issues involved in the vocations crisis, calling the Pope’s plea an “ironic example of his failure to understand the reasons for the decline.”

And surprise, surprise, there is Voice of the Faithful right there in the second paragraph to take their stand. Remember they claim to take no stand on the “hot-button” issues in the Church (neither orthodox nor heterodox), but everytime I hear them talking about the issues, they’re leaning toward the heterodox.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli