A solid orthodox Marine priest who just happens to be a Jesuit

A solid orthodox Marine priest who just happens to be a Jesuit

Back in 2000, when I was acting editor of Catholic World Report, we published an article by Father Paul Shaughnessy, a Jesuit and a chaplain serving with the US Marines, called “The Gay Priest Problem”. The article caused an uproar and was a major landmark in the pre-Scandal days for naming the problem before the rest of the world would acknowledge it. It was really groundbreaking.

But now Fr. Shaughnessy is being recognized in a different way: for battlefield heroics as he accompanies Marines under fire into the cemeteries of Najaf, granting the sacraments to the wounded and dying, standing with them as mortars explode and bullets fly. Want to show your sons and nephews a priestly role model they can look up to? A priest who is unstintingly faithful and orthodox, and equally determined to confront corruption in the Church as he is to serve the men standing on the front lines? Fr. Paul Shaughnessy wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

  • I’ve often thought for many reasons that a majority of the Irish in Boston must have rocks in their head (and I’ve told my Irish-American sister in Boston so).

    Why they continue to pay their hard earned money for the anti-Catholic Globe is beyond me.  And columns like this one—with its caricaturish drinking, singing, dissenting Irish—are exactly why I’m baffled.  I really think that many people, sadly, revel in these stereotypes and think that they are supposed to live up to them.  The Globe, of course, celebrates and reinforces that notion.

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    No no no, Kelly.  Most, not all, and certainly not thee. 

    But I’ll admit that I’ve got a few hard things banging around in my cranium.

  • Sounds like Fr. Shaughnessy is cut from the same cloth as Fr. Capodano – the Grunt Padre. We know the good guys are out there. Shame that some of their ‘bretheren’ don’t have the same guts to stand tall.

  • Yes Dom, Fr. Shaughnessy got it right with that CWN article. Nails on heads, as it were.

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    Moving story, an example to us all no matter what our calling. A picture of Fr. Shaughnessy in action, courtesy of the AP and yahoo news. 

  • Sister Zita was indeed a part of the group—funded and promoted by our own Catholic Charities—that ran Courage and En-Courage into the ground and pushed P-FLAG down the throats of those whose children had horrified them by “coming out.”  She’s unabashedly in favor of sodomites sodomizing.  And she’s been lionized by Cardinal Law.

    Any more questions about the gay sex scandal in the Archdiocese?

  • She was recently lionized in the Pilot as well.

    Fr. Clark… it’s nice to see you unafraid to use your own name. I’m sure there are more priests here who share your thoughts and frustration, I wish they would ‘come out’ like you have done. Unless orthodox priests and nuns start to speak out on the evil that seems to have infiltrated the chancery and so many of our parishes, things will not change. The people, if they care at all, have been so misled for so long, at this point, they don’t know any better.