A reality check at the Franciscan shrine

A reality check at the Franciscan shrine

Sometimes it’s what’s not said that carries the true meaning. Case in point: This article from a Boston newspaper for homosexuals from November 2002 profiling the new head of the Franciscan shrine in downtown Boston on Arch Street. The article has a disturbing quality in that not once does the friar, Fr. David Convertino, defend the Church’s teachings on homosexuality. All we hear about is openness, the Church’s “unfair” teachings, the “unfair” linking of the Scandal and gay priests, and “reaching out” to gays and lesbians. the underlying notion is that the reaching out won’t include a call to chastity and sexual integration and healing.

  • If you have to attend one of the chapels in Boston, I recommend the Oblatesness with Gillette, I used to plan my visits around Mass and Confession there!

  • When I lived I Portland Oregon I lived on the homosexual “pride” parade route and ever year the Franciscans marched behind the drag queens and in front of the bare breasted lesbian bikers. The Franciscans at Arch Street cashed in their chips years ago. The last time I went to mass there they invited the congregation up to the altar for the consecration to hold hands. The music featured tambourines and an electric bass guitar. The priest actually used the word “groovy” in the homily. He also informed us that “Jesus is love and love is Jesus”. I bet he liked Godspell. This occurred less than a year ago.

  • You sure RC? I spoke with Monsignor Murphy, Cathedral Rector, just last week and he told me nobody recommended Holy Trinity for closing.

    It’s ironic, really. I love my parish, but Holy Trinity draws a far more regular crowd than does Cathedral.

    I mean, naturally we get crowds during, say, Holy Week, and other major days and seasons but the parish itself is very small.

    Hey, as long as I’ve got you guys on the horn regarding Saint Anothony’s Shrine? My point about “orthdox priests” being stuck there comes from a couple of times last year when I went to confession there, and the reactions of the confessors to my sins and the penances given.

    I don’t know the names of these priests, but they were there a year ago…and for (what I hope are) obvious reasons, I don’t really want to go much further than that. wink