A real desecration

A real desecration

Now here’s some real vandalism against a church, but you won’t hear it called a hate crime or get national attention because of the vandals’ motives: The vandals were pro-abortion.

Vandals spray-painted a statue of the Virgin Mary outside a Cambridge church this weekend and put a crown made of coat hangers on her head. The statue sits between the church and rectory, where it has been for more than 20 years. Near it is a plaque reading, “In loving memory of the unborn victims of abortion,” which was placed by a local Knights of Columbus council. The vandalism, which also included “Get yr religion off our lives!” spray-painted on the driveway in front of the church, occurred sometime during the day on Saturday.

Ah yes, the tolerant and loving blue-state left. But I just don’t understand it: I thought only right-wing Christians were full of hate; after all we’re homophobes and woman-haters.