A priest comes out

A priest comes out

Right from the headline this Boston Globe article betrays both its ignorance of Catholic teaching and open shilling for the gay agenda. The headline says, “A gay priest receive the sacrament of acceptance.”

Thank you for your offensive degradation of the Catholic faith and of the Seven Sacraments given to us by Jesus Christ as conduits of grace by placing the modernist virtue of “acceptance” among them. Acceptance, in this context, means saying what one does and says is fine regardless of whether it conflicts with God’s will.

The story itself tells us how shortsighted it is to blame gays for the Scandal and to prepare to ban gays from seminaries because after all they do so many good things in the priesthood. That’s it. The whole article is a blatant apologia for homosexuality.

The folks on Hospitality Row do not mind talking about the fact that the Rev. Fred Daley of St. Francis de Sales Church is openly gay. They know that is why Daley is in the spotlight at a time when some leaders of the Roman Catholic Church are blaming homosexuals for its sexual abuse scandals, and possibly preparing to bar gays from the priesthood.

But they would prefer to talk about Daley’s 13 years of service to their impoverished Corn Hill neighborhood ...

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli