A new Advent CD

A new Advent CD

The Brotherhood of Hope is a great new religious order of men with a charism of ministering to young adults, especially on college campuses. In fact, they have a significant presence at Boston University. They are a great group, very full of life and the Spirit, and the times I have met any of them I have been impressed by their joy and faithfulness.

JACK of Integrity blog alerts me to the fact the Brothers have a new CD of Advent music available (which you can read about on their site, and soon you’ll be able to hear samples.) He highly recommends it.

In your preparations for Advent (only a few weeks away), you may want to purchase one for yourself to make the season leading up to Christmas all that much more special.

  • Fenwick,

    Actually you’re confusing Boston University with Boston College. BU is the older, Puritan-founded, now completely secular institution where Martin Luther King, Jr. received his doctorate. Boston College is the Jesuit univeristy that you’re thinking of.