A movie we have to demand to see

A movie we have to demand to see

Want to see a good Catholic movie that’s being stifled by movie studios? No, it’s not “The Passion.” It’s “One Man’s Hero,” starring Tom Berenger. It’s the story of Irish Catholics in America in the 1840s who got fed up with anti-Catholicism in the US and moved to Mexico, a country that was welcoming to their Catholic faith. And they eventually became soldiers in the Mexican Army, forming the “St. Patrick Battalion,” fighting against the US in the US-Mexico War (1842-1846). For that they were labeled traitors and some were tried by the US as deserters. This is a true story.

The movie was made by Orion Pictures, but when Orion was bought MGM, the new owners seemed determined not to release it in 1998. It was played in only a few theaters in the Southwest and despite critical acclaim and rave reviews during press screenings in Ireland, it was never released there at all.

Now the producers along with Catholics who want to see more family friendly, Catholic friendly fare come out of Hollywood are mounting a campaign to get MGM to sell the distribution rights and allow someone to get this movie out where it can be seen by audiences. This coming Tuesday, in fact, they will be screening the movie for the US bishops at their semi-annual meeting.

What can you do? Go to the One Man’s Hero Re-Release Campaign web site for more information. And pray. With Hollywood’s track record of making Catholic hostile movies, we can’t sit back and ignore it when a major Catholic friendly movie is stifled.

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