A modern fable

A modern fable

Rod Dreher’s column today illustrates why we should exclude France, Germany, et al from Iraq rebuilding contracts. He tells it in the form of a fable about the American Eagle, the French “Hen” (avoiding nasty Google search terms), the German Boar, and the Russian Bear.

I agree with the Bush administration’s stance that companies from countries who opposed liberating the people of Iraq and overthrowing the dangerous dictator should not be able to profit from the effort. One thing that is being overlooked in much of the coverage is that the ban only applies to contracts paid for out of the US treasury. Some $13 billion of contracts paid for by international aid to Iraq is still open to companies in those countries.

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  • I understood, Rod. (All those years of taking French in high school and college helped.)

    But, of course, some sicko searching for the anatomical meaning on Google might find it here. I can’t imagine what you might find with a search for “French c—k.” Ick.