A little tribute to the Pope

A little tribute to the Pope

I’ve created a little video slideshow tribute to the Holy Father with images from throughout his life. I call it “Abba Pater”. I hope you like it.

Update: I’ve had to remove the movie from the server. It was being downloaded so much that it was exceeding my allotted bandwidth and now I’m going to be hit was a big bill at the end of the month. Oh well. A least it’s a tribute with a sacrifice attached.

Update 2: It is available online again.

  • Like it?

    It helped me in my good-night prayers.

    Thank you. I’ll sleep, God willing, with my guardian angel joining me in the Pater Noster.

  • It made me smile and it made me cry and it made me realize yet again how very blessed we were to have this special pope with us for so long. Thanks for this.

  • The song is “Abba Pater” from the almbum by the same name. It set excerpts of various speeches of the Pope to music. I think it originated in Italy, but was distributed worldwide.

  • Dom, thank you very much.  I was moved to tears.  I miss him so much already.  I don’t know how I am going to preach this morning.

  • I keep playing it over and over, even though it comes out blurry on my computer. One thing I notice in the series of photos of him leaning on his crozier, he gets more and more frail in each picture. And the more frail he becomes the more he leans on the cross, the closer he is to Christ on the cross.

  • Thanks Dom.  It was very moving.  It so great to have a place to come to to be with others to mourn in a like way.  I miss him so much…..

  • Dom,

    I’m probably to blame for everyone downloading your movie.  I emailed a bunch of Catholic family and friends and told them to watch it.  Sorry!

    As for the “Abba Pater” CD, I’ve been trying to find it on the ‘Net with not much luck.  Several copies are for sale on ebay, one for $61 and another for $100!