A Globe story on the rest of us

A Globe story on the rest of us

Keep an eye on the Boston Globe tomorrow. I was interviewed for an article that is putatively about how blogs are contributing to the Fr. Walter Cuenin story (there are others?), but the reporter seemed to focus a lot on my brother and whether I had any personal connection to Cuenin (I don’t). I think he’s trying to find some kind of connection or conspiracy (there isn’t).

As longtime readers know, I’ve been writing about Cuenin (and any other heterodox dissenters) since the day I started this blog at the beginning of July 2001.

The reporter did say that he was looking to show that apart from those protesting Cuenin’s resignation there are many others who think it’s a good thing. If that’s the thrust of the story, then good.

So go ahead and read the story in the newspaper tomorrow and then come here for the rest of the story.

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Domenico Bettinelli