A gay, old time at BC

A gay, old time at BC

The student government at Boston’s big Catholic college, the Jesuit-owned Boston College, has voted to give special office space to the newly formed Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual (Any sexuals?) Council which they are calling the Gay, blah, blah, Center. Of course, they had to get their own space, says the student paper, because the Women’s Resource Center gets their own space. O yeah, the WRC refers women to off-campus “women’s health clinics” to get problems taken care of and so they can get contraceptives and such. They’re not supposed to, but the administration turns a blind eye.

And that’s how they handle everything. There was a big debate several years ago over the administration refusing to allow an official gay club on campus. Someone must have told them to wait until the furor died down because here they are. By the way, see how much the GLBT(A) Council gets in funding from mandatory student fees? $15,000 per year. But then that’s nothing compared to the Asian, Hispanic, African-American, something, something, i.e. racial minorities, Council. Their annual budget is $66,000.

When I think how I had to fight to get a one-time grant of $6,000 from the student government at Franciscan University to buy computers for the student newspaper, I cringe. What I could have done with funding like that. I can’t imagine what $15,000 buys.

And the BC Jesuits blithely turn a blind eye. Will someone wake them up and remind them that as a Catholic institution they’re supposed to be teaching their charges that homosexual behavior is immoral.

  • “Will someone wake them up and remind them that as a Catholic institution theyi>What does it profit a man to gain the world but lose his immortal soul?

  • Khall,

    I think that there is one in Rome that is careful to toe the line, but I can’t think of any other school of theirs that does.  There used to be small “great books” college that was connect to USF, but beautiful light was stamped out by the benighted Jebby leadership a few years back.

  • If so, then very technically.  As in, I think his name is still on the phone system at Weston, but everyone is directed to his BC number and email.  As far as I know, he hasn’t actually taught at Weston since spring 2003.